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Ashvini Hospital is a center with complete Gynaec and Obstetric, surgical, medical, pediatric and Newborn Intensive Care (NICU) facilities

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IVF Center

Ashvini IVF Center is a patient friendly IVF institute offering all types of infertility and endoscopy facilities underone roof to get the best possible treatments and helps in achieving their dream.

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Wellness Spa

Ashvini Hospital's New garbhasanskar center has started detoxification and relaxation spa for pregnant moms.

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Products such as Books and CDs specifically designed to help you enter into parenthood.

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Our Courses


Pregnancy is a magical time of expectation. It is a crucial time for you and your baby. Your baby hears your voice and has started to bond even before birth.

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When you make the decision to become parents, it is important to take charge of your general health and lifestyle at least three months in advance before stopping contraception.

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Brain Stimulation

Research has shown that children begin to learn not just from birth onwards but from even before birth in response to sensory stimuli in the environment.

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Baby Massage

Scientific baby massage and bath will be taught as part of post natal care of Pregnancy course

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Pregnancy Class Time Table

TIME : 9:45 am to 12:15 pm
  1. Garbhasanskar Methods, White light meditation and Communication with the unborn child by both parents through Music and Acoustic Stimulation.

    (गर्भसंस्कार तंत्र, व्हाईट लाईट ध्यानधारणा,गर्भासंगीत व कर्णेंद्रिय उत्तेजन, गर्भस्थ शिशुशी आई वडिलांचा संवाद)
Sun 12 Jan 2020 Sun 19 Apr 2020 Sun 09 Aug 2020
  1. Labour & Pranayam - Visuals of different types of birth,

    labour exercises, postures, pushing down techniques, delivery visualization and breathing techniques in pregnancy and labour.

    (प्रत्यक्ष प्रसुतीच्या वेळी कळा  देण्याचे तंत्र, लेबर विज्युलायझेशन, गर्भाव्यव्स्थेत व नवव्या महिन्यातले प्राणायम )
Sun 02 Feb 2020 Sun 03 May 2020 Sun 16 Aug 2020
  1. Nutrition and Satvik Diet (पौष्ठीक व सात्विक आहार)

    Breast Feeding, After delivery diet,

    Traditional and Scientific postnatal care of the new mother.

    स्तनपान, बाळंतीपणीचा आहार, पारंपारिक व आधुनिक पद्धतीने बाळंतीपणीची काळज
Sun 16 Feb 2020 Sun 17 May 2020 Sun 06 Sep 2020
  1. Fitness exercises and Yogasanas.(गर्भावस्थेत व्यायाम व योगा)

    After delivery exercises (प्रसूतीनंतरचे व्यायाम ) 
Sun 01 Mar 2020 Sun 07 Jun 2020 Sun 13 Sep 2020
  1. Dr. Vikram Shah's Lecture

    Labour ward round-rehearsal, normal delivery.

    cesearean, forceps, vaccum, painless delivery (epidural anasthesia),

    Underwater delivery and Newborn intensive care round.

    डॉ. विक्रम शाह -

    लेबर वार्ड राउंड, नॉर्मल डिलेवरी , सिझेरियन, फॉरसेप्स, वेदनाविरहित प्रसूती,

    पाण्याखाली बाळाचा जन्म, नवजात शिशु अतिदक्षता विभाग राउंड
Sun 15 Mar 2020 Sun 28 Jun 2020 Sun 20 Sep 2020
  1. Scientific baby massage and bath and reflexology

    (बाळाची शास्त्रोक्त मसाज , अंघोळ व रिफ्लेक्सोलॉजी)

    Newborn baby care

    आई व बाळासाठी  लागणाऱ्या वस्तू प्रात्यक्षिक व नवजात शिशु संगोपन
Sun 12 Apr 2020 Sun 12 Jul 2020 Sun 18 Oct 2020

The Child Brain Stimulation Programme Time Table

TIME : 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm
  1. Auditory stimulation (hearing). Tactile (touch) and Olfactory (smell) enhancement. Musical stimulation (Age specific CD's and cassettes)
Sun 12 Jan 2020 Sun 03 May 2020 Sun 16 Aug 2020
  1. Visual stimulation (Black & White Method), Baby Reading, Flash Cards and Educative toys.
Sun 02 Feb 2020 Sun 17 May 2020 Sun 06 Sep 2020
  1. G. K. Cards, language skills, Diet in brain development, MRK-Multiple Regional Knowledge


Sun 16 Feb 2020 Sun 07 Jun 2020 Sun 18 Oct 2020
  1. Study book techniques, physical strength stimulation, locomotion and manipulative skill development
Sun 12 Apr 2020 Sun 12 Jul 2020 Sun 01 Nov 2020
  1. Infant maths, emotional quotient, and child psychology in mental development.
Sun 19 Apr 2020 Sun 09 Aug 2020 Sun 22 Nov 2020
Dr. Vidya Iyer
When I joined Garbhasanskar classes for the crash course, I thought that 'Sanskars' would be done by priests in saffron robes chanting mantras continuously in a language which I did not understand. But when I joined the classes, because of my sister-in-law's insistence I was pleasantly surprised to see the high-tech way in which they were conducted, replete with laptops and LCD projectors, charts and models and videos.
Nilima Seth
(Bandra, Mumbai)
Being a first time mother was both, an exhilarating and an anxious experience for me, at the same time. Exhilarating because of this special feeling of something going on inside you and anxious because you don't know what is normal and what is not!
Rashmi Kulkarni
Pregnancy was a beautiful journey for me. I paid great attention to my diet, health and exercise. I used to sing softly to my baby while sitting in a rocking chair and I felt it soothed her .I cut down on all my commitments to just concentrate on nourishing my unborn. Dr Shah's pregnancy course not only gives sound advice on all medical aspects of pregnancy but also stresses on the importance of the mother's state of mind and its effect on the unborn.
Jennifer D'souza
(Malabar Hill, Mumbai)
The session for to-be fathers in the Supraja classes was attended by my husband quite reluctantly initially just because of my insistence. However when he heard about his importance and role in my pregnancy, delivery and baby care he was really involved.

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