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Garbhasanskar Hospital

Dr Shah

Ashwini hospital has come up with a new luxurious hospital for maternity and children services right opposite its old hospital at shivaji park at a prime location opposite balmohan school located on the 1st floor.

This hospital was basically designed not to look like a hospital but like a birthing centre. This hospital gives both mother and child a feel of being special and not being “patients” in that sense of the word. Each wall of this centre has been designed to offer its patrons some new input related to culture and tradition with respect to mother and child care. A combination of the western and Indian outlook towards labour and childbirth has been used in desigining the place. The following facilities are offered to its patients.

Dr Shah Dr Mrs Shah
Dr Shah Dr Mrs Shah

Large Conference Hall

This hall has been designed for all the workshops and classes conducted by Dr. Vikram and Dr. Geetanjali Shah on Sundays. It is equipped with the state of the art equipment to show expectant mothers and their husbands all the antenatal and even postnatal audio – visual presentations. The different type of courses conducted here are -

  • Pregnancy and Garbhasanskar classes for pregnant ladies and husbands.
  • Child brain stimulation courses for parents of children 0 -5 years
  • Preconception classes for couples planning a baby.
  • Baby massage classes.
  • Dr Shah Dr Mrs Shah Dr Mrs Shah
    Dr Shah Dr Mrs Shah

Themed Rooms

Each room of the hospital has been designed with a particular theme in mind.

Room No 1



Facing the east is based on the ‘OCEAN’ theme.

The light blue tiles and curtains and the water mural on the windows reflects the acqua theme.

The baby in the womb is immersed in water throughout and children universally love water.

Hence each room accessory is in the acqua spirit and the ceiling also designed with that happy surf in sand feel around.

Room No 2



The theme of this room is “nature” Green reflects the fertility and new life forms and as the baby comes out of the womb and tries to interact with the world, he heals with the colour green.

Hence all the room accessories are ‘green nature’ based and the celing is designed with baby coloured squares.

This gives the recuperating new moms and children admitted for any complaints who need to lie down on the bed supine with an iv line on their hands, a chance to stare at a joyous ceiling and dispel the myth and signboard seen on traffic signals ‘Hospital ceilings are boring!.’

The purpose of such designs is to make the place look not like a hospital but a recuperating vista for a new mom and her baby.

Room No 3



The theme of this room is ‘SKY’. As the child grows older its world expands and for the young infant, the sky is the limit.

Hence all concepts related to the sky are demonstrated. Another window has a soothing mural of the moon inducing the little one off to sleep.

Each room is packed with its traditional facilities of AC, TV Call bells for nurses and attendants, reclining beds, reading lamps and foot lamps.

Room No 4



This smaller sized room is for daycare patients recovering after a short surgery and has a sofa cum bed for its relatives also.

Operation Theatre

A huge state – of – the art operation theatre with the new Ohmeda anesthesia machine, an absolutely fantastic labour chair, which can be used in sitting, reclining or lithotomy position for delivery and a brand new operating table. The surgeries are made easier with a new large operation theatre lamp, T.V monitors and wall storage devices. Emergency equipments like defibrillator, NST machines, large newborn resuscitation trolleys are also available.

The highlight is the facility of a large waterbirth tub ------ ‘birthpool’ imported from the UK to offer both water – assisted birth and waterbirth facilities to desirous patients.Hot water and drainage facilities for the large birth pool are also attached.


A basic Nicu for observation of high risk babies requiring extra care for babies with jaundice who require phototherapy is available just next to the theatre.

Emergency and security facilities

A full fledged fire alarm system with sensors and sprinkles, CCTV’ s in all common areas and generator systems are available in case of medical emergencies.

Books on pregnancy and baby care – Library

A library will be starting soon for pregnant moms and new parents with a variety of educative books on antenatal care, post delivery guidance, baby care and brain development. Many books unavailable in most places and with varied themes like spiritual parenting and reflections in pregnancy and techniques of improving the intellect of the child are available.

Pregnancy and postnatal SPA

The spacious ambience and the relaxing dimlighting with floral candles and private rooms make this an ideal place for conducting spa treatments which are running very successfully. Body massage, hair spa, hand spa, foot spa, and eye spa treatments are conducted.

Why the need for a holistic birthing centre?

Dr. Shah’s already had 2 maternity hospitals at Dadar E with an IVF centre and at shivaji park with maternity and child facilities. The need for a luxurious and spacious centre was felt where mothers could exercise, take walks, listen to music, do duck walk and Lamaze breathing techniques with their husbands and their relatives especially grandparents could read all the garbhasanskar and shishusanskar mantras on the walls and feel the divine blessings to the baby.


Dr Shah Dr Mrs Shah
Dr Shah Dr Mrs Shah
Dr Shah Dr Mrs Shah


Holistic Birthing Centre - Aids for Normal Delivery


Birthing Stool - Exercises are taught to the laboring mom using the birthing stool to facilitale easy passage of the baby’ s Head.

Labour Ball - Imported from Janet Balashas active birth centre U.K helps Mothers to exercise push baby down.

Models of Foetus and Pelvis and Placenta

This helps to explain mechanism of labour --- normal vertex delivery and breech preventation and position of the placenta.

Labour model for perineal massage and actual delivery


This helps mothers to understand about episiotomy how the baby comes out from the perineum, forceps and vacuum delivery.

Unborn baby (Foetus) in different stages of pregnancy


This gives the exact dimension of the unborn child from the first to the 9th month. These models are also used for meditation using the round 'mantra and mediatation cards' (details in books and CD section in ‘CARDS’ on home page)

Using the foetus models, pregnant women are taught how to visualize the body in a specific coloured flower and meditate by putting that light on the baby.