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Preconception Counselling

When you make the decision to become parents, it is important to take charge of your general health and lifestyle at least three months in advance before stopping contraception.

A healthy sperm and a healthy ovum will give rise to a healthy embryo and hence the above course guides both husband and wife regarding conscious conception. It is like enriching the soil and the environment before sowing a precious seed.

Supraja Foundation takes Six sessions for preconceptional couples in which physical, mental, spiritual & holistic preparation for a good embryo or "Garbha" is taught and six important topics are covered for them.

counselling course

To have healthy offspring, research shows that by far, the most important factors are fitness and nutrition. The fitness session guides prospective parents on the ideal weight before conception and teaches preconception yogasanas and exercises which increase the blood flow to the reproductive organs.

In the nutrition session a saatvik diet regimen is given for both husband and wife which improves the hormonal balance and ensures positive pranic energy from food.

The third session is on 'conception planning and ovulation'. This guides parents regarding ovulation tests, methods to boost fertility, improve chances of conceiving and management of infertility. It also includes breathing techniques and pranayaam for both.

The fourth session is a holistic session. The 'garbha' or foetus is derived from the 'Panchamahabhoota' or the five elements. Each element, eg. fire or water gives rise to certain organs of the foetus according to traditional medicine. The 'five element meditation' helps parents to visualize the forthcoming fertilization events by balancing the energy of the five elements and neutralising the three 'doshas'. In the same session, a 'Garbhadhaan Vidhi' or an ancient ritual is demonstrated with the use of mantras to utilize spiritual energy for the foetus called as 'Garbha-poorva Sanskar'.

The fifth session is on foot reflexology and lifestyle changes. All the sessions combined together cover the physical, mental, spiritual and holistic preparation for a healthier offspring.

The sixth session is an individual medical consultation session with a checkup and routine investigations and Pindashuddhi. The personal fertility queries are answered in this session.

Understanding the course -

Each topic is independent and is not related to other topics. All 6 session are taken on a Sunday, once every few months. The course is for both partners. If both husband and wife cannot make it on a particular day, any one member can attend.

The topics are covered in English and Marathi. (if required). The six topics of the course are as follows:

  • Preconception yogasana and exercises.
  • Saatvik diet regimen
  • Conception planner, ovulation and breathing techniques
  • Five element meditation and Garbhadhaan sanskar
  • Foot reflexology and lifestyle planning.
  • Medical consultation, Pindashuddhi and treatment of infertility.

Premarriage Counselling

Two sessions for the prospective couples covering sex education, menstrual problems, contraceptive advice, problems encountered during honeymoon, knowledge & diagnosis of any hereditary disease in the families. All doubts and queries can be freely discussed and answered.
Couples can attend before marriage for after marriage in the first few months

counselling course

Physio Treatment

Pelvic Detox 1 Pelvic Detox 2 Pelvic Detox 3 Pelvic Detox 4 Pelvic Detox 5