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Routine Course in Short

Pregnancy is a magical time of expectation. It is a crucial time for you and your baby. Your baby hears your voice and has started to bond even before birth. The childbirth classes will help you learn to communicate with your baby and improve his intellectual skills and form a rapport that can last a lifetime. The aim of the sessions is to guide you through the entire journey of pregnancy, physically and with a holistic approach. If you do the sessions as a couple, your husband will also be trained to be your birth partner in labour and in childrearing. The course offers extra advantages and additional teaching material to the students who register as a couple.

What is the need for such classes?

Old institutions of a joint family and religious faiths are collapsing with the onslaught of technology, adaptation of western culture and small nuclear families. In order to impart complete guidance and information of modern medical technology as well as traditional midwifery wisdom to aspiring couples, the 'Garbhasanskar course' has been devised.

Why should the 'fathers-to-be' also attend the classes -

In an antenatal class, we may be able to show for the first time just how central a role the father is going to play. The father is familiarized with the process of labour and delivery and child care and has an opportunity to see films of childbirth where husbands are giving support to their partners using skills learned in pregnancy classes.

The following 10 topics are taught -

  • Antenatal exercises and Yogasanas
  • 'Pranayaam' -(breathing exercises) and breathing techniques, postures and exercises in labour
  • Nutritious and saatvik diet.
  • Garbhasanskar, meditation and communication with the unborn child through music and acoustic stimulation.
  • Labour ward round - rehearsal, normal Delivery, Cesearean, forceps vaccum, painless delivery (epidural anesthesia), underwater delivery and New born intensive care round (NICU).
  • Herbs and Aromatherapy in pregnancy with general Health care advice.
  • After delivery exercises.
  • Scientific baby massage and bath.
  • Things to be keep ready for mother and baby and newborn baby care.
  • Breast feeding and after - delivery diet.


  • The course is a six Sundays course and can be started in any month of pregnancy. (The earlier the better.)
  • Ten topics are covered, each session is independent and there is no link between the topics.
  • Sessions are on Sunday from 10 to 12.00 for both husband and wife or if the husband cannot attend then the pregnant lady can attend alone.
  • The course can be commenced by the student on any Sunday. The topic covered on that Sunday is the first topic. Ten topics have to be covered totally. Suppose one session is missed in between it will be covered in rotation after ten topics.
  • On registration, the timetable for the next six months is given.

Pregnancy class is held on Sunday throughout the year .Both husband & wife attend regularly & use Dr. Vikram & Dr. Geetanjali Shah's english book 'GARBHASANSKAR IN PREGNANCY' as a text book or their marathi book 'VAIGYANIK GARBHASANSKAR' in the course.

Pregnancy Courses

Crash Course

Some expectant mothers find it difficult to attend the ten Sunday course. Amongst these are

  • Couples staying outside Mumbai city.
  • Working with shift duties on weekends.
  • Bedrest has been advised.
  • Those staying far from Dadar (Mumbai) area, for whom commuting is difficult..
  • Those in 8th or 9th month of pregnancy.

For these couples a 'Pregnancy Crash Course' is conducted once in every 2-3 months.

All ten topics are covered in the crash course beginning from 10.00 a.m. onwards.

Students of the routine batch who have completed 4-5 topics in the routine class and have some difficulty in attending the remaining topics can complete them in one day itself by attending the crash course. No additional fee is required.

The response for the routine and crash course has been overwhelming with many expectant mothers and their husbands getting completely trained for labour and childcare. Registration in advance is preferable for all courses.

Details of the Session

Detials will come here

Post Natal Course

It covers the following topics -

  • After delivery exercises
  • Breast feeding, postnatal exercises and diet
  • Baby massage session
Post Natal Courses

Pregnancy Class Time Table

  • 1) The classes can be started in any month of pregnancy.
  • 2) 6 topics are covered, each session is independent and there is no link in between the topics.
  • 3) Sessions are on Sundays for both husband and wife.
  • 4) The course can be commenced by the patient on any Sunday. The topic covered on that Sunday is the first topic. 6 topics have to be covered totally. Suppose one session is missed in between it will be covered in rotation after 6 topics.
  • 5) The Brain Stimulation course is also on Sundays after the Pregnancy course. The expectant Parents can also register for both courses simultaneously.
Time Table

CRASH COURSE: All 6 topics are done on one day. This course is convenient for those residing out of mumbai or those pregnant ladies who find it difficult to commute. If the expectant mom has been advised bed rest, her husband or mother can attend the course instead of her.

  • 1) Kindly register in advance till the previous day. Spot registration on the day of the course will be charged extra.
  • 2) Once you attend the course, you can attend it again for revision anytime within a year without any additional charges.

Garbhasanskar class in Marathi

Time Table
Time Table
Time Table
Time Table
Time Table
Time Table
Time Table
Time Table

Buddhi Vardhak Saraswati Shibir

The timeless puranas have described unique intellectual sanskars to be done for pregnant women and for children. Since ancient times this sanskar is supposed to increased attention, concentration, intelligence and memory of the child. In this sanskar traditionally the parents and grandparents take the child in their lap and give a group japa or chanting of saraswati mantras. This is supposed to awaken the learning seed of the child and make the child open to accept new wisdom from all areas.

These ancient mantras also have a medical and scientific basis. At ASHVINI HOSPITAL, The child brain stimulation courses are being conducted since last 12 years. In this course, all 5 senses stimulation of the child is taught and techniques to use both hemispheres are explained. This was from the western science point of view. However since a long time at ASHVINI HOSPITAL, they wanted to conduct Brain stimulation SARASWATI ARADHANA from a religious and traditional point of view. On the occasion of starting of the new hospital "DR. SHAH'S GARBHASANSKAR CENTRE" OPP TO OLD ASHVINI HOSPITAL AT SHIVAJI PARK, ABOVE NIDHI MEDICAL AND MAD OVER DONOUTS, This amazing BUDDHI VARDHAK TRADITIONAL SANSKAR has been organized. Dr. Geetanjali Shah's mother, renowed gynaecologist and vanoushadhi specialist, Dr. Urjita Jain will be performing the buddhi vardhak rites on the children.

The details are as follows:-

DATE :- 25th AUGUST 2013

TIME :- 2 pm to 4.30 pm


PARTICIPANTS :- Pregnant ladies and their husbands, All kids 6 MONTHS onwards and their parents

CONTRIBUTION :- All those mentioned above Rs.600/-
(If other family members, grandparents of the child Rs.200 extra for a couple)

DRESS CODE :- The pregnant lady and her husband should come in RADIANT WHITE CLOTHES DECKED UP WITH WHITE FLOWERS AND WHITE ORNAMENTS. This is important for SOUL HEALING.
- Parents of the children can wear WHITE CLOTHES. The child should be decked up in TRADITIONAL COLOURFUL INDIAN CLOTHES AND ORNAMENTS.
- The relatives like the grandparents can wear any coloured clothes, preferably WHITE if possible.
- ON 25th AUGUST in the morning, please visit your place of worship or temple.


Red marker pen, one coconut, 20 laung (clove), one thali, half wati raw rice, a crown (mukut of cardboards with zari) if possible, one flower garland (haar) to wear in the neck of the child. Pregnant women can get two flower garlands to be worn in the neck for herself and her husband.

1) The pregnant lady and young children will be given all the sanskars using the symbols of goddess saraswati (VEENA, LOTUS, PEACOCK FEATHERS, WHITE ROBES, SHRUTAPHITHIKA FOR THE POTHI, JAPMALA etc.)
2) White light meditation will be used to visualise the child and radiate white energy to envelope his body.
3) Some ancient beejaksharas or sacred alphabets will be written with chandan on the childs fingers or on the abdomen of the pregnant lady.
4) A sacred thread or rakshasutra will be tied around the child's or pregnant lady's wrist as a protection.
5) An auspicious tilak will be drawn on the forehead in the area of the AGNYA CHAKRA with mantras.
6) Jala sinchan for cleansing and purifying the aura will be done chanting mantras.
7) In the vidhi, kalash sthapna, deep sthapna, yantra sthapna, yantrabhishek, saraswati sthapna, poojan, aarti, small hawan, punyavachan and the auuckshaan of the children will be done.
- Holding the child's hand, a red coloured swastik will be drawn on a paper. The anka(numerals) and akshar(alphabets) will be drawn. This is the priming foundation stones for all sorts of learning and writing later in life. Then akshata(rice) and yellow mustard(yellow mohri) will be used to bless the "LIPI SANKHYAN".
- Using cloves(laung) 9 times, saraswati japa of two different types will be done using japa mantra card near child's head or pregnant lady's stomach.
10) Black udad for aura purification.

PH NO :- 24449958, 24466363, 24469970.


A unique GARBHASANSKAR vidhi and ritual with actual mantras, pooja and havan has been organised by Dr. Urjita Jain and Dr. Geetanjali Shah for pregnant women and their husbands and also their family members.

The religious traditional blessings of the unborn child with GARBHASANSKAR will be done by digambar Jain, highly pious and sky clad saints in the pure vibrations of the temple which is very beneficial for the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the baby in the womb.

Dates :- 18 august, sun - 1.30 to 4.30 pm

            9 September sun - 1.30 to 4.30 pm

            27 October sun - 1.30 - 4.30pm

Dress Code :- Traditional green clothes (sari pref or others), jewellery for the wife Traditional Indian clothes for husband and grandparents.

What to get :- 2 flower garlands to wear in your neck, one thali, one coconut, rice, 15 cloves(lavang).

Topics covered :- All GARBHASANSKAR mantra vidhi according to your month of pregnancy, foetal visualisation, pregnancy meditation and reiki, techniques of Garbha ashirwaad and blessing of the baby by the parents and in - laws of the pregnant woman.
The topics in all the shibirs are different and you can benefit greatly by attending all the 3 dates, if not possible start by attending the first one.

Venue :- Parshwanath Digambar Jain Mandir, 308, Jawahar Nagar, Goregaon(west). (When you come from Goregaon station, ask rickshaw to take you to Digambar Jain Mandir and not Shwetambar Temple, come on a continuous straight road and then turn right at a dead end at jawahar nagar, and then take second left in a narrow lane)

For registration :- Please SMS your name to Dr. Geetanjali Shah on 9820041051
Write your name, type mobile no again, write goregaon SHIBIR, write date which you will be attending.

Details :- Ashvini Hospital and Garbsanskar Centre,
Mohan Niwas Building, Keluskar Road, opp Balmohan School,
Shivaji Park, Dadar(West), Mumbai - 400028.
Ph - 24466363, 24469970, 24449958