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Fitness Exercise and Yogasanas

The basic ten sessions which are taught in the course are given previously. However, the emphasis is just not on diet, exercise, breathing and meditation but on foetal parenting. Considering the rapidity of the fetal brain growth, you can convert your womb to an intrauterine temple of learning. This is by training in the process of stimulation of the special senses of the baby. Both parents can nurture their unborn child through the right emotional communication and inculcate the values of 'GARBHASANSKARS' in their baby. The technique which includes research by modern prenatal psychologists combined with the traditional Indian method of imparting blessings to the baby (sanskaras) are taught to the parents.

Fitness Exercise and Yogasanas -

The process of pregnancy and birth including female anatomy and physiology and medical procedures in pregnancy are first explained. Exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, back, legs and abdominal muscles, exercises for the eyes and breasts are taught. Students are divided into two groups depending upon their month of pregnancy and existing or past problems like premature labour, bleeding, low lying placenta, past history of abortions etc and specific exercises are taught to each group. Pregnant ladies have a misconception that no exercises should be done till the fourth month of pregnancy; this is not true. Exercises involving physical movements may be started later on, however exercises for the eyes, breasts, neck, shoulders, gentle warming up exercises, three different types of walking exercises should be started by the expectant mother right from the diagnosis of pregnancy. Hence students are allowed to join the class right from the first month of pregnancy. The exercises are to be done at home, preferably as a couple together so that compliance and interest of the wife is sustained and the husband also reinforces his role as a pregnancy and birth partner right from the beginning

Fitness Excercise

Before the antenatal workout and in between different set of exercies, the warming up exercises of up and down arm movements and body rotation are to be practised regularly.

Exercise Antenantal Workout

Exercise for the eyes- To relieve stress, to be done as a couple

Eye Excercise

3 Types of walks- Taught by Dr. Geetanjali- walking on toes, Heels & Outer border of foot.

walking Excercise walking Excercise

Exercise in the sitting posture to improve the strength of the upper core muscles

upper Excercise upper Excercise

Exercise in sleeping posture for the suppleness of the spinal column

Fathers help their partners to exercise using the blue pregnancy pillow in between their knees.

spinal Excercise

Exercise in the standing posture Sulabh Chakrasana & Spinal twist postnatal exercises

After delivery workout- Joyful exercise with baby from the fourth month ONWARDS


Dr. Geetanjali Shah explaining the pathophysiology & benefits of Pelvic floor exercises with excellent LCD projections.


Labour and Pranayaam

Visuals of different types of birth, labour exercises, labour massage, labour diet, labour accupressure, labour postures, pushing techniques, delivery visualization and breathing techniques in pregnancy and labour are taught to both husband and wife. Labour squats, duck walk and perineal massage is to be started by the couple 2-3 weeks before delivery; these are instituted. Breathing techniques using a combination of different methods like Lamaze, Bradley method etc. combined with yogic pranayaam are taught. These help the pregnant lady to coordinate respiration and bearing down during labour. This increases the chances ,of normal delivery, helps to shorten the duration of labour and deliver smoothly without getting exhausted. Videos and CD's showing normal delivery, forceps, underwater delivery and cesarean allay fear and anxiety from the expectant couples mind. The techniques taught for reducing pain are as follows : Cognitive Control -The pregnant lady is taught to dissociate her mind from the labour pain by visualising a pleasant scenario in which to experience the labour.

labour and pranayam

Dr. Geetanjali Shah Teaching Pranayam and Breathing Exercise

labour and pranayam

Regular Exercise improves digestion, blood circulation, prepares the body for labour and helps reduce backache

labour and pranayam

The Music of String instruments or the flute are played during group relaxation and white light visualisation.

Systematic relaxation -The purpose is to relax the muscles of ones body in sequence so that she can isolate the uterine pain of labour from an all consuming state of stress.

labour and pranayam

Participation of the to-be father meditation, Autosuggestion, Communication with the baby by Dr. Geetanjali

Pregnant women often read different books on diet and are confused when they are advised to eat X calories extra, Y amount of extra proteins and other nutritive numerical values which they find difficult to interpret. On the other hand, their senior family members restrict a number of foodstuffs because they are either 'hot' or 'cold' for the body. As a result the mother-to-be is often exasperated. In the diet lecture, they are shown different food items which they can prepare at home or buy readymade which are nutritious, tasty as well as convenient to carry and eat if they are working. Also diet charts for all seven days are given and a detailed food plan is given according to the trimester of pregnancy.

Garbhasanskar Methods

Garbhasanskar Methods, White light meditation and Communication with the unborn child by both parents through Music and Acoustic Stimulation

This is a unique holistic session conducted for to-be parents wherein the foetuses are blessed and specific mantras and prayers according to the month of pregnancy are given to the pregnant women. This is a beautiful session which should definitely be attended as a couple. A few subtopics are;

garbhasanskar methods

Garbha uttejan -

Methods of drawing the attention of the unborn baby to the sanskaras which are going to be given by the parents.

garbha uttejan

Never too young for music ! - Playing a bell and listening to music in pregnancy increases the auditory capacity of the baby by increasing the synaptic connections between the nerve cells of the brain.

Garbha chintan -

Methods of drawing the attention of the unborn baby to the sanskaras which are going to be given by the parents.

garbha chintan

Garbha Chintan - The inner journey to parenthood.What are your aims in raising the child ?

Garbha sangeet -

Guidelines on the type of music the foetus would love to hear, how loudly and in what manner it is to be played so that the baby can enjoy it better and advice on what C.D.'s should be heard by the pregnant mother.

garbha sangeet

Nuturing a musical baby- Sitting on a rocking chair, keep a tapercorder near the abdomen and stroke the baby rhythmically to the beat of the music.

The expectant parents should play the 'Garbhadhaan and garbh rakshak(safety) mantras from CD1 & Garbh Sanskar mantras from CD2.(The CD/Cassette recorded by the authers is titled Garbh aur Shishu Sanskar - Sagarika Music, released on behalf of Supraja Foundation.

Garbha prarthana -

The parents thank the unborn baby for entering their world and pray that his development is complete and his birth is without any hurdles.

garbha prarthana

The expectant mothers and fathers pray for their unborn baby and its safe delivery into this universe.

Garbhasanskar Ritual (Vidhi)

The religious ceremony of blessing the unborn baby is taught to fathers, different mantras having resonant sounds (Beejakshara's) are chanted for the unborn baby.

vidhi 1 vidhi 2 vidhi 3

Garbha-sanskar techniques -

Methods that the parents should use to stimulate the intellect of the unborn through the stimulation of his five senses and how they can inculcate virtues and noble thoughts in their baby's mind.

garbha sanskar techniques

A Unique way of nuturing your unborn - "The Garbhasanskar Workshop' - The spiritual teacher chants special mantras from Atharva Veda, Yajurveda, Rigveda, Bhagwad Geeta and Jain scriptures which are supposed to energise and bless the foetus. The timeless vedic mantras have structured specific sounds which provide a strong foundation for later learning.

Garbhsansakar Intellectual Stimulation of the 5 senses of the baby class in progress


Stimulating the senses of the unborn baby using the 10 meditation cards called pregnancy Supraja symbols.

class 2 class 3

Autohypnosis and Autosuggestion: -

This involves giving a suggestion to the mind to be completely relaxed starting from the toes to head. In this relaxed state, the mother imagines her baby inside, healthy and growing well and sends positive energy to her baby. This commences the process of bonding between mother and child in utero which continues after delivery in the form of breast feeding.

The baby’s sense of hearing develops very early and the amniotic fluid around the baby conducts sound. The baby can distinguish the emotional tone of voice and his body rhythm reflect to the mothers speech so that he is calm if the mother uses a soft reassuring tone. The students are taught the technique of communicating with the baby and how to stimulate the intelligence of the child by various techniques.

Coping with emotional changes -

The pregnant lady is worried that her fluctuating emotional changes will somehow adversely affect the unborn baby. She is taught to communicate her fears, involve her husband in the process and confront her situation.

Dr. Vikram Shah’s Lecture

Dr. Vikram Shah's Lecture - Labour ward round rehearsal, normal delivery, Cesarean forceps, vacuum, painless delivery (epidural anesthesia), underwater delivery and Newborn intensive care round (NICU). -

This is a highly informative session wherein for the first time couples, especially husbands can enter the labour ward prior to labour and see for themselves the equipment and the delivery table so that they have some idea how they can be an efficient birth partner in labour.

Shah lecture

How does a full baby come out of a pelvis of this size? The scientific explanation of baby delivery and the associated labour pains through models of a pelvis bone and a dummy doll helps to alleviate anxiety.


Dr.Vikram Shah explaining the mechanism of the various equipment used in labour


NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Round).


Dr. Vikram Shah lecture on labour, Cesarean, Waterbirth at Vanita samaj Hall

shah3 shah4

Dr. Vikram Shah explaining to prospective parents about eqiupment required for newborn baby in case of emergency (Phototherapy for Jaundice ) baby trolleys .

Herbs and aromatherapy in pregnancy with general health care advice -

Pregnancy hormones can affect the colour and texture of hair and skin giving rise to problems of excessive hair fall, skin pigmentation and stretch marks. It is better to avoid harmful chemicals and to use safe herbal remedies for these complaints. Remedies of all common complaints like morning sickness, backache, fatigue, leg cramps etc. are demonstrated .Health and cosmetic tips for hair, skin, back, teeth, feet, eyes, stretch marks and perineal care are given.

herb therapy

Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the human body helps you to know how to avoid the 'Aches and Pains' of pregnancy and take care of your health.

After delivery exercises

Regaining postnatal fitness is vital. The students are trained in the postnatal workout through visuals and charts about exercises to be done right from the first day of normal delivery and the workouts that can be done after cesarean operation. After learning about the postnatal exercises the students can attend this session again after delivery if they want to reinforce and revise the exercises. Special exercises for tackling the flabby abdominal muscles and for toning breast muscles are emphasized.

The four group of breast exercises involve the shoulder. They are contracting the shoulder by keeping the palms in different positions in front, above, on the opposite upper arm and on top of both te shoulders.

After cesarean, put a small pillow on your stiches when you do your exercise.Keeping the baby in an infant car seat enables you to keep a watch om him as well as finish your workout for the day.

after delivery exercises

Scientific baby massage and bath and reflexology -

Prospective parents and grandparents enthusiastically learn the techniques of baby massage done along the lymphatic pathways. Touch therapy given to the newborn baby through massage benefits all his body systems greatly. Details of the massage strokes, oils, positions, duration, precautions, checklist, reflexolgy points are covered in detail. Demonstration of baby bath, bathwater temperature, techniques of wrapping and swaddling of the baby are explained.

Scientific Baby Massage and Body Bath Lecture

Close Video Conferencing of the baby massage strokes for better understanding of the Lymphatic Body Drainage

massage1 massage2

Enthusiastics grandparents get a hands on experience of massage directions on dummy dolls.


Demonstration of dolls with marked stroke directions for baby massage & mother learning about Baby Care

massage4 massage5
scientific baby

During massage, all strokes should be directed in the proximal direction i.e. towards the heart.

Since most mothers would like to give this massage themselves or at the hands of a family member to their precious baby, these classes were started at the insistence of these enthusiastic mothers. They include :

  • Proper yogic technique of baby massage of the entire body along the routes for the lymphatic drainage.
  • Information about massage oils and resistance building massage therapies
  • Babybath requirements and safe methods

Foot reflexology points -

Recent studies have shown that massage reduces the levels of stress hormones and increases the immune systems natural killer cells, improves circulation, respiration, digestion, alertness, problems of gas and colic, enables weight gain and most of all promotes a positive body image and a sense of security in the baby. Conducted by a child specialist and a yoga teacher these techniques are scientifically proven and safe. The course is not only for mothers but also for fathers, grandparents and other family members.

massage lecture

Lecture at J. W. MARRIOTT, Juhu.

massage lecture1

Hotel J.W.MARRIOTT - Baby Massage

foot reflexology

Checking water temprature with the elbow. Add one spoon of Neem powder to the baby's water for antiseptic action. You can keep 'Bath books'- Plastic coated books. which float on water for the baby to play and read at the same time.

Things to keep ready for mother and baby and Newborn baby care -

The students are given a list of all essential items required during hospital stay for themselves and the babies which they ought to keep ready. They are taught not to panic when labour commences and keep the emergency bags ready. The different types of baby clothes ,diapers, baby hygiene items and accessories, baby travel equipment are all shown so the parents have the option of choosing the right ones which suit their need when they go shopping. Feeding attire and other labour comfort items required by the mother are demonstrated. Students are also taught the various details about decorating the newborns nursery using black, white and red coloured objects so as to give maximum stimulation to the baby.

newborn baby care

The photo demonstrates F.Leboyers method of 'Birth without Violence'. The baby is placed in warm water with the legs touching the ends of the tub immediately after delivery. This mimics the warm womb. The first caress of the mother along with the soothing dim lights makes the memory of birth in the baby's subconscious mind, a pleasant one.

Breast feeding, after-delivery diet,traditional and scientific postnatal care of the new mother -

An exhaustive session on breastfeeding ,this covers initiation, positioning, adequacy, importance and myths associated with breast feeding and also tackles problems like sore, retracted nipples, engorgement, expressing milk, milk duct infections etc. Also a demonstration of feeding equipment like nipple shield, breast pumps etc. is done. It also covers all topics related to bottle feeding and its equipment like sterilizers, warmers, milk powder cases and types of bottles and nipples with advantages and disadvantages of each.

Mothers are given recipes using galactogogues (dietary substances which increase milk) and diet care tips on which foodstuffs are to be avoided in particular situations.

The Indian tradition of giving hot fomentation ('sek' or 'dhuri')to the mother remains the domain of the massage attendant( maalishwaali). The proper method of giving this fomentation and steam through modern equipment is actually shown and use of different healing herbs for the new mother are explained.

Thus mothercraft classes prepare a pregnant lady's 'body and mind' for one of the most important events of her life. This also helps her to mould her baby's future later as the efforts have been started from the in-utero period itself.

Grandparents Workshop

Workshop for To-Be Grandparents the parents and In-laws of the pregnant woman attend these workshop in large numbers


Grandparents(Especially those who are going abroad to attend their daughter/ daughter in laws delivery) sincerely write down notes , study the videos and demonstrations


The pregnant couple and their parents sit in a circle in a group, hold hands & learn how to send cosmic energy to the unborn baby. Later they hug each other in preparation of the joy to come.

grandparent3 grandparent4

Gandparents enthusiastically learn about baby care and managing child when parents are away at work

Eminent Personality & Doctors Grace The Seminars With Their Inputs.

Dr. R.K Anand, Renowend, Pediatrician & Author of different Books Of Children & Breast Feeding with his inputs


Famous Doctors,(from left), Drs Mr & Mrs Maheshwari, Anestetist and Dr Geeta Koppikar from Breach Candy Hospital , Mrs. Dr. Merchant -Nanavati Hospital, Dr R.K.Anand wife (Jaslok Hospital), Attending the Garbhasansak Workshop also on stage (3rd left)- Dr. Pankaj Parekh, Dr Nihar Parekh Dr. Bajaj (Harkisondas Hospital) in the seminars.

grandparent6 grandparent7