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Client Testimonials

Dr. Vidya Iyer
When I joined Garbhasanskar classes for the crash course, I thought that 'Sanskars' would be done by priests in saffron robes chanting mantras continuously in a language which I did not understand. But when I joined the classes, because of my sister-in-law's insistence I was pleasantly surprised to see the high-tech way in which they were conducted, replete with laptops and LCD projectors, charts and models and videos. Being a doctor myself, I understood the scientific rationale of chanting mantras and advantages of foetal communication through terms like bioenergy of resonance in mantras and the neuropeptide flow in the Hypothalamo-pituitary axis of mother and child in their telepathy. I eventually realised that 'sanskar' is not just doing rituals in a temple, it is a complete way of life and attitude of the pregnant mother and father towards the wellbeing of the baby in the womb. With my inhibitions and suspicions dispelled, I thoroughly enjoyed the 'sanskar' ritual' session where we were pampered like goddesses in green clothes and were taught the importance of prayers and meditation for the unborn. I wish that this message of garbhasanskar which Drs. Shah want to spread will reach pregnant women everywhere, in India and abroad.
Nilima Seth
(Bandra, Mumbai)
Being a first time mother was both, an exhilarating and an anxious experience for me, at the same time. Exhilarating because of this special feeling of something going on inside you and anxious because you don't know what is normal and what is not! The Garbhasanskar course serves as a down to earth friend ,philosopher and guide to mothers as it dispels many myths and misconceptions especially about labour and pain and adopts a sympathetic attitude towards the fear associated with childbirth. In the pregnancy course we had attended the Holistic Relaxation session in which we were told to express any sort of negative feelings we had about pregnancy. I had never felt it before but before I realised, I said that since my sister's baby had a hole in the heart , I was subconsciously worried about the same thing happening to my baby. Dr. Geetanjali immediately checked me and said that the least I could do was to stop thinking negative, visualise my baby's embryological heart being formed and send positive messages to it. By doing so, I achieved a great sense of peace and security and yes after the checkup, baby's heart was perfectly normal.
Rashmi Kulkarni
Pregnancy was a beautiful journey for me. I paid great attention to my diet, health and exercise. I used to sing softly to my baby while sitting in a rocking chair and I felt it soothed her .I cut down on all my commitments to just concentrate on nourishing my unborn. Dr Shah's pregnancy course not only gives sound advice on all medical aspects of pregnancy but also stresses on the importance of the mother's state of mind and its effect on the unborn. I would highly recommend this course to all modern, especially working mothers who find it difficult to spend time alone with the baby in the womb. Yoga and pelvic floor muscle exercises taught by Dr. Geetanjali helped me to bear down well during labour. My baby's head was high up in the pelvis till the end and the possibility of cesarean section was explained to me. But I used bearing down techniques and labour squats and breathing exercises which I had learnt. Destiny favoured me and my doctors' efforts paid off; I had a normal delivery inspite of my baby being 3.75 kg with a large head.
Jennifer D'souza
(Malabar Hill, Mumbai)
The session for to-be fathers in the Supraja classes was attended by my husband quite reluctantly initially just because of my insistence. However when he heard about his importance and role in my pregnancy, delivery and baby care he was really involved. Contrary to my expectations he used to keep awake at night in the hospital and change baby's diapers while I caught up on my sleep and give me the required emotional support when I started experiencing 'post natal blues' in the first week after delivery.
Sonam Mehta
The whole world is turning to the Indian traditions of yoga, mantras and sanskaras. The pregnancy course combines modern medicine with traditional rituals of garbhadhaan and garbhasanskar. This is exactly what the new Indian mother would like to give her unborn (whether she is residing in India or abroad). I came to India in the sixth month of my pregnancy and I planned my arrival so that I could attend Dr Shah's antenatal crash course. The 'after - delivery' fitness exercises were taught to us which I am glad I practiced regularly. I was very figure consious. Fortunately, inspite of being forced to eat a high calorie diet of laddus rich in ghee and dry fruits by my mother-in-law, I managed to control my weight and regain shape in four months after delivery. I have been recommending these classes to all my friends and relatives.
Mala Raina
I am fortunate that I had the opportunity to join both Dr. Shah's Preconception and Antenatal classes at Supraja Foundation. I would like to share my experiences about these classes. Preparation before pregnancy - I had a habit of eating junk food from roadside carts. Hence I used to have recurrent amoebiasis and stomachache for which I had to take many medicines. I was gently convinced to avoid all these substances prior to pregnancy. I avoided spicy, very oily and junk food three months before planning pregnancy and had home made food from the Satvik Aahaar regimen which was prescribed to me in the preconception course.. My health improved . I didn't need medicines. My husband had a habit of eating gutkha and pan masala which he stopped. We started going for a walk daily. We conceived four months after our decision to plan pregnancy. In the second month of pregnancy, I started attending the Garbhasanskar sessions. It was my first pregnancy, I had no support from my parents or in-laws as they were out of station and I was very tense. I experienced severe nausea and vomiting in the first 2 months. Autosuggestion - Relaxation - We were taught to relax, breathe peacefully and autosuggest to our mind to decrease all the problems that we felt. Besides dietary modifications, I managed to decrease my nausea and vomiting by almost 50% by giving autosuggestions to my mind. I greatly benefitted by Yoga and Pranayaam and gave birth to a healthy bonny baby.
Nazakat Khan
(Juhu, Mumbai)
I had attended both Dr. Shah's 'Pregnancy Course' (Sundays) and Child Brain Stimulation Course (Saturdays) in pregnancy itself. In today's competitive world, each couple would want to give birth to a superlative child and would want to discover ways to enhance his potential to the best possible. These courses introduce a refreshingly new subject about techniques of stimulating the baby's brain not only after birth but also in pregnancy. This would appeal to aspiring parents who would want to tap all possible avenues and are ready to put in any effort in order to enhance the intellect of their children. I used to read aloud to my baby in pregnancy and my daughter even as an infant enjoyed handling books and does not sleep until she gets her daily dose of bedtime stories from her parents or grandparents. I would recommend that parents do both the Garbhasanskar and Brain Stimulation Course so that they continue stimulating the baby after birth by flashcards, maths cards, G.K. cards, touch books and other beautiful techniques taught by Dr. Geetanjali.
Mr. Rustom Pardiwalla
(Peddar Road, Mumbai)
Endorsement by a father-to-be As an expectant dad, I wanted to be as supportive as I could of my wife and also bond with my baby in the womb. I was unaware of the medical basis but I enjoyed stroking her abdomen and feeling the baby's movements. My daughter recognized my voice from the start and is always relaxed and calm in my arms. For the most part, childbirth classes are attended and followed by women, but if you are a caring father, these classes will show you what a central role you will play in each of your wife's three trimesters and how you can be an efficient partner in labour.
Smriti Goel
(Borivali, Mumbai)
Experiences of a grandmother

The birth of a child in the closely knit family structure in our society is an event of eternally welcome joyousness. Each grandmother even today would love her grandchildren to receive our traditional sanskaras and to be blessed with mantras from the timeless Vedas. Dr Shah's antenatal course explains the scientific importance of these in a convincing manner to the educated career oriented new mothers. It echoes the sentiment that we as grandmothers feel about the new generation. The sessions on Garbhasanskar and baby massage are also helpful to new grandparents. I was happy to see that inspite of being highly educated, Dr Geetanjali had a deep spiritual base and respected all traditional values. I had done Dr. Shah's 'Baby Massage Course' before going to London for my daughter's delivery. I enjoyed giving my grand-daughter a scientific massage and the information and traditional remedies on baby care helped me to tackle his abdominal colic problem.
Mrs.Antara Sinha
I was in Japan till seven months of pregnancy and I had severe diabetes. My mothers house was at Borivali, Mumbai. After coming to Mumbai, I was carefully screening hospitals to choose one which had maternity, premature and newborn baby care under one roof. I chose Ashvini hospital for confinement. My baby weighed only 1.2 kg as he was born premature and had a difficult neonatal course due to low blood sugar and jaundice problems. With good premature baby care and a hi-tech Newborn ICU, my baby recovered slowly and is fine now. I am glad that I came all the way from Borivali to Dadar for delivery, contradicting the advice of senior family members in choosing a hospital just on the merit of proximity to our residence, irrespective of the facilities. I would like to advise other expectant mothers to think on the same lines.