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Your Baby

A beautiful baby destined for you is waiting to enter into your world ,hence the uterus,the temple of joy for your baby in the next few months prepares itself.

Couples can visualise their baby to come by reading aloud during their ovulation days , the ‘preconception card of the mantra and meditation card set’.To order the ‘mantra and meditation card’,please see the section SHOP on the main screen page.

Your Body

The first week of pregnancy is a time when you have not yet conceived but it is included in your pregnancy calendar counting to enable to start counting from first day of your last menstrual period.Very often patients tell us the day of the bleeding stopping which is not important,we would like to know the first day of the menstrual cycle.When you are planning a baby, pl jot down all your menstrual period days regularly. This will help to accurately calculate your EDD( estimated date of delivery) as pregnancy is a 40 week period.


The sanskar at this stage is actually called 'GARBHADHAAN SANSKAR' which is traditionally done when the couple is planning a baby .The basis of this sanskar is to VISUALISE a baby with noble qualities who will enter your womb shortly through the process of planned and conscious conception

In our Preconception course,we ask parents to adopt a healthy lifestyle .We also guide them with respect to the following issues--natural and sattwik foods ,fertility exercises to improve the blood flow to the reproductive organs ,five element meditation for purification and GARBHADHAAN chants or mantras for good marital harmony & peace.

According to traditional indian philosophy ,if the parents are in a positive and virtuous state of mind ,they will attract a baby who has a similar mindset.

For Preconception and Garbhasanskar and pregnancy classes at Dadar west, Mumbai, India or Online classes contact (Beginning soon) -

DR.GEETANJALI SHAH (M.D.Paediatrician)


Dr Shah’s Garbhasanskar Hospital-
022 - 24445611 / 24445612 / 24466363.

Health Tips

You are on the brink of motherhood now. Conventionally, you are in the preconception stage. Both you and your partner need to be healthy to ensure a healthy gamete formation of the sperm and ovum.

In our ‘Planning a baby course’ we guide couples desirous of conception on fertility foods, preconception exercises and pranayamas to increase the pelvic blood flow,lifestyle changes and vaccinations and conscious conception meditations.For details regarding this course, please see the icon ‘PLAN BABY’ on the main screen page.

Your body needs a good amount of the following micronutrients--iron which is present in beans,dates( khajoor) jaggery, black raisins, beet and palak. Calcium is present in milk, ragi, paneer etc and, vitamin D from sunlight, magnesium from almonds, walnuts and omega 3 fatty acids from flax seeds, walnuts .

For Gynaecological and Pregnancy OPD Consultation at Dadar, Mumbai



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